Leadership Program

The ATA Leadership Program offers students three key areas of personal development:

  1. Responsibility and Recognition as a Leader in Our School which Includes: Official Leadership uniform with name embroidered; gold stripe through belt signifying commitment to being a role model; and special events, seminars and programs developed exclusively for Leadership members.
  2. Advanced Training Programs Such As: ATA Xtreme, Mixed Martial Arts and Warrior X-Fit Kickboxing Program.
  3. Increased Social Skills that will help you: Become a leader, develop and utilize a leaders vocabulary and apply ATA life skills to every day living.

Leaders understand that structure and following the rules are the foundation of discipline. They obey the rules and are able to enforce the rules. Successful leaders are able to inspire others to do the same.

The benefits of being a part of the ATA Leadership Program carry far beyond the martial arts classroom and into the daily actions and habits of each student who has accepted the challenge of Leadership. The next step is to meet with an instructor to discuss how we can best work together as you continue your journey toward Black Belt.